Local plans

The vision for Ashfield and Mansfield is a plan for growth, to maximise the opportunities for people and business to grow and prosper. There is a consistent theme adopted through consultation with the local community and the development of local strategic plans.

Plan for Growth

Create a climate for business and enterprise growth with an emphasis on making investment happen

Reduce/remove barriers to new business creation and growth within the area

Help to maximise business start-ups, indigenous business growth and new business investment in the area

Maintain good working relationships with significant existing and potential local employers

Ensure that the councils offer regulatory and non-regulatory services in a supportive way to local businesses

The joint strategic needs assessment for Mansfield identifies a problematic pattern in the Mansfield area:

Low levels of entrepreneurship

Lowest life expectancy

Highest levels of air pollution

Lower than average skill levels

Improvements needed in attainment and skill level

Challenging crime rates and ongoing problematic drug and alcohol abuse

A large low-cost pool of labour

Our Vision

To create a start-up accelerator hub in Mansfield using the Trust buildings. Selected young people in the 16-to-24-year age range will undertake a bespoke, co-ordinated programme of learning while starting their new business at our incubation hub. The outcome will be competent new business entrepreneurs for Mansfield.

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